Install instructions

If you don't have the RPG Maker 2003 RTP installed, use the first download. If you do have it, use the second download. If you're not sure whether you've installed the RPG Maker 2003 RTP or not, use the first download.


Wake Up 22 MB
Wake Up v1.0 RTP 8 MB
Wake Up 15 MB

Development log


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I saw your message from the RPG Maker discord and I got curious because you said you had no dialogue in your game.

It was a short, but fun little story. I really like the character animations. You did a great job with them! Honestly, you should consider getting rid of the pictures. Since every picture was made by a different artist, it detracts from the immersion. The body language from the sprites spoke louder than the pictures too.

I think you should add gameplay as well. You can design gameplay elements that don't require text or tutorials. Maybe some puzzles? Just a thought.

Overall, good job!


Thank you! It's too late to work in your ideas for this game, but I'll definitely consider it for the next one!