Just a short game about a little girl visiting her grandma. Made for the Connections Bitsy Jam. Music by MusMus.

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Made withBitsy
Tags2D, Cozy, Cute, Forest, Walking simulator
Average sessionA few seconds


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Cute! I was kind of worried this would take a turn (like Little Red Riding Hood) and I'm really glad it didn't. It was really nice to just think about being able to visit my grandma and talk to people on the street :)

Thank you!

what a beauty

Thank you!

Short and sweat!

Thank you!

This is very relaxing and easy to play on a phone! I wonder if there's other games with this format

If you mean Bitsy, there's lots of games like this on Itch. They might not be as easy to play as this one, though.

this is sweet :)

Thank you!