Comfort Cafe is a brief one-screen Bitsy where you play as a weary guy who takes a springtime trip to his local cafe. Music track is Dutiligi by Mello C; used under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license. Background by White Screw Shop.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Made withBitsy
Tags2D, Bitsy, Cozy, Cute, Furry, Pixel Art, Short, Walking simulator


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Cute and relaxing idea!  I like the soundtrack, adds a nice feel to the game. A nice addition would be if you stopped the dialogue from repeating when interacting with an object/character for the second time :)

Thank you! Yeah, I'll consider that idea for my next game.

Even though it is very short (a tech demo of sorts), it's sweet. The movement and dialogue is very well implemented, you might want to use those systems in other games.

Thanks! The movement and dialogue systems are a part of Bitsy, which the game was made with.

It felt like entering the Village after a harassing quest... Also this music fits on most every bitsy game you made! Love the mood you install, keep up the good job!



I like that :)

Thanks! Glad you like it. :)

This game is so cute ! Cool music, and it was fun exploring the cafe :)


Great Game! Even though it was short it was fun walking around the Cafe, and the dialog system in it made everything fun to read. The music is good, and exploring the cafe had some cool things to do. Good job!

Thank you!